When turning on your cold water tap, you expect the water coming out to be cold, isn’t that true? However, this is not always the case. There are many different problems that could be the cause of this, and here is a summary of some of them.

If you experience the effect only in the cold months, then it could be due to your heating system warming up the pipes. Floor heating can heat up the water standing in the cold water pipe before it reaches your faucets. Forced air systems might have ducts that run near the cold water pipe that heat up the water.

If the water is warm year long, it is possible that your hot and cold water pipes run too close to each other. One solution, in this case, is to insulate your pipes. This will also lower your energy bill and lower the risk of frozen pipes.

If you notice the warm water only in the summer months, you might have cold water pipes running through an uninsulated area, such as your basement or attic. If it gets very hot where the water is sitting in the pipe, this can heat up the water over time. Again, insulating the pipes is the quickest and easiest solution.

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