Just like with most things, water pressure has a sweet spot. Many will complain about their pressure being too low, since it is the more noticeable problem. If your water pressure is too high, however, this is a much bigger problem. High water pressure can do damage to your faucets, water heater, appliances, and pipes. You could even have a pipe spring a leak inside of a wall, causing costly damages.

Ideally, the pressure should be at 50 psi, give or take 5 psi, and if it is much more or less than that, you will need to take action. If the pressure is low, this could be due to a pressure regulator being set improperly. It can be adjusted to increase the pressure, but you should only do so in small increments. If you don’t have a pressure regulator, it might just be that the water that you receive from the municipal line is delivered that way. You can install a water pressure booster to fix that problem.

If the pressure is high, and you don’t have a pressure regulator, you need to install one. If you do have one, it could be you need to change the setting on it to protect your plumbing.